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He was a cool person to be around, funny sometimes.


He would have events and my kids would go. He would let them come in the back, and I think tonight's events was more about the connection that he had with the fans and the people," said Pittsburgh DJ, Phillip Thompson.

Blue Slide Park

The slide area and park was filled with fans like Zachery Rutter, who had painted a 7 hour memorial portrait in front of the slide. His music was always playing at our parties and our dances, and just hanging out with people, so he was always there with us, so when he died it really felt like we were losing a friend," said Clarksburg fan Tori Beckford. At the vigil a petition was passed around to have the famous park named after Mac Miller.

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Blue Slide Park by Mac Miller on Spotify

But it does raise the question of why Miller is so popular, because despite his claim of being a cross between John Lennon and UGK, he's mostly just a crushingly bland, more intolerable version of Wiz Khalifa without the chops, desire, or pocketbook for enjoyable singles. Unless you buy into Miller's persona-- and why would you?

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  • Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park Download Link??
  • Mac miller blue slide park album free mp3 download.

This is, in a way, rap music's fault. Mac Miller has been called "frat rap," and while there's a slight truth to that, the term leaves unacknowledged the fact that frat guys used to engage with the rap world writ large.

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That interaction may have involved an unhealthy appreciation for Jurassic 5, but it also involved rocking YoungbloodZ and Ying Yang Twins songs at parties. The pop world has left rap behind, save four or five rappers, and it's opened a door for someone like Mac Miller to seize the college-aged, white-male fanbase.

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  • Fans around the U.S. gathered together in 'Blue Slide Park' for Mac Miller vigil;
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If that fanbase is interacting less with rap music, then maybe they've rallied around Miller because he also barely engages with the wider rap world. Consider the fact that Blue Slide Park has not one feature-- not a guest verse or chorus. For a contemporary rap album, let alone a No.

Mac Miller - Missed Calls (Prod. By Ritz Reynolds)

Before you consider that to be a noble pursuit, the album could've used somebody, anybody , to break up the monotony of Miller on the mic. Miller's world is a hermetic one, and unless it's one you inhabit, the album holds no appeal.

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  4. Blue Slide Park | Mac Miller – Download and listen to the album.
  5. Mac miller blue slide park album free mp3 download.
  6. It's a normal rap album, sure, but as listeners we should strive for more than a no-stakes work by a guy wearing the same streetwear brands and snapbacks as everyone else, who has merely found a niche and exploited it. Miller's hustle can't be knocked, and it shouldn't be, but his art is , times less remarkable than his first week sales numbers would have you believe. admin