Cs5 photomerge not working mac

I tested this by trying to merge 5 photos with various setttings of RAM use, cache levels, and ruler units, and found that regardless of my success with RAM and cache settings, it always failed when my rulers were set to "percent".

Use Photoshop's Photomerge for More Than Panoramas

I'm not sure where to bring this to people's attention in the future when they ask about Photomerge problems, short of mentioning it in all the major Photomerge problem threads. Remember to save your keyboard shortcuts if you have any custom ones, because they will reset also. I tried the suggestions above having same problem with disappearing , and the only way I can get around it was to go through. I tried the suggestions provided but I found that for all of them you had to work around Photoshop in an inconvenient matter. I had the same problem, but then I opened every picture as a separate file in PS, tried photomerge, clicked "Add Open Files" in the Source Files dialog, and for some reason that worked!

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Why Photoshop CS5's photomerge's result immediately disappear? Ask Question. This is what I've tried so far: This doesn't fix photomerge, though. To answer: Jaips It does help me to solve the problem, ie. I can narrow down the possible issues. Nathan Nathan 1 2. This, almost unbelievably, is correct and I've retracted my false answer and accepted yours.

To give your answer more visibility there is an open bounty which will be awarded to you. Now the issue has returned and is extremely frustrating. How do I fix this?

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This seems like a bug to me. Cheers, Jeremy. Jeremy Somerville 4 Posts 0 Reply Likes frustrated. All 5 Replies. Jeremy Somerville 4 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Submit Cancel. Chris Cox Posts Reply Likes. We tried this, and never reproduced the problem. My only guess would be that you had corrupt preferences. Just to confirm, you did restore your preferences? Launch Photoshop. Copy the info and paste it here. Photoshop System Info contains and entry with your serial number so make sure to remove the serial prior to posting.

Sorry for the late reply, the notifications for this thread went to my spam folder. And yeah I have reset the prefs for photoshop. I have even gone so far as to uninstall the entirety of cs5 and reinstall it with no success. I have also tried creating a new user on my mac.

Use Photoshop's Photomerge for More Than Panoramas

Do these features rely on Java or some other third party software which might not be functioning correctly? Below is the requested info: Adobe Photoshop Version: Love the idea of this, truly. My work is cubism blocks of colour, with bold black lines. The final is a jumbled mess. All 8 to 10 pieces are sitting in the correct direction.

And it still comes out jumbled. Can you offer any advice on how I can help photoshop figure it out? Do I need to make an image the size of the final first? Thanks in advance! Using CS6. I have recently had issues with this as well while scanning in images from books for a presentation.

Sorry about not being a bigger help. Thanks, Marsha! Oh well! And thanks for your interest in my work! My website is https: My IG account is soniawilkinsonart same with Facebook. I just found this tutorial and it really helped. The book tip was stellar, as I had a corner always showing up blurry but the Iliad fixed it right up! My pictures are turning out great!

Photo Merge CS4 PhotoShop (Mac,PC)

But after reading your blog now I understand everything.

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