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LARA Analyzer. Hochschule Luzern. LM5 loudness analyser. TC Electronic. Mac the Scope Signal analyzer. MultiInspector multitrack spectral analyzer.

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MultilnspectorFree 31 band spectral analyzer. Orban Loudness Meter Loudness Meter. SignalScope Real-time audio signal analyzer. Sonic visualiser viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. A future MusicScope version allows the tagging of the uploads by using a nick name. All former uploads will be automatically tagged with that nick name. Why do you display prices with decimal places?

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  • MusicScope - The Music Microscope | Software Audio Analyzer;
  • 2. iZotope Insight.
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Even the net price has been set with decimal places. The email will be only used during activation.

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  • AudioXplorer - Sound analyzer for Mac OS X.
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How many activations are possible? A re-installation does not count as an activation. Only installing the software on a further computer is a new activation. Is there an online connection to your servers? See also the support page from Microsoft. Consumer Audio Professional Audio Radio. Forum Downloads Deutsch.

The MusicScope is a high precision software audio analyzer and measuring tool that works as an Audio-Microscope to visualize the different quality aspects of a music collection. The implementation of international audio standards EBU R and ITU-R BS allows a full comparability to professional studio software but with the advantage of being usable without the deep knowledge of an audio engineer.

It is possible to analyze digital music but also analog sources like LPs or tape records. Digital to Analog Converters or Headphone Amplifiers. Software Audio Analyzer. Realtime analysis of external audio sources via audio input e.

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Batch processing of playlists for a fast analysis of a larger music collection. Automatic recognition of the real bandwidth of high-resolution audio files. True Peak Meter: Validation whether all bits are used and no regular patterns appear. Bit-Depth Analyzer: Identify the number of Bits, that just contain noise. Direct Current indicator to reveal any DC offset. Frequency Spectrum: Linear and logarithmic mode Determination of frequency and amplitude via mouse pointer Left and right channel separated or together. Spectrogram — Spectrum over time with numerous configuration options: Noise Density Measurement: Measure the noise floor level.

Detailed analysis of harmonics. Panorama Position and Correlation: Display of the correlation between the left and right channel over the whole Frequency-Range to identify cancellations Position of the frequencies within the left and right channel. Export of graphic und text based reports. Jitter Analyzer Module: Measurement of the Digital to Analog Converter quality. THD Analyzer Module: Ultra High Resolution Spectrum Analyzer. Turntable RPM Measurement.

Online Manual. Information Introduction: Text or graphical output Stereo-Meter: Selection of audio files for playback and analysis Open file: Symbol for an music microscope Spectrogram: Supported file formats: Software Audio Analyzer for high-resolution audio tracks to determine the frequency range and consequently the authenticity of the record. Real-time audio analyzer of analog records LP, tape, etc. Measurement of Direct Stream Digital DSD records and assessment whether they have been converted back into PCM during their production by checking the quantization noise level. Estimation of the signal to noise ratio SNR.

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I am not a computer person and I am not up on the latest computer applications for audio. In preparation for the installation of a new stereo I would like to develop some competency to be able to measure myself the frequency response of my listening room. I am writing to inquire if someone has tested and evaluated any of the numerous audio frequency spectrum analyzer programs available for Mac computers. I am looking for one which is accurate and optimized for the kinds of frequency response and room acoustics measurements us audiophiles want to make.

I do not care whether it is free or for sale -- I just want to try to identify an accurate and simple-to-use program which will allow me to observe and measure the frequency response of my room using test tones so I can see dips or peaks which may require correction. Recommendations for microphones would also be appreciated. I am more interested in quality than in cost, so please feel free to make your recommendations based more on accuracy and quality and ease-of-use I am good with all manner of devices with buttons, dials and switches, but I get very frustrated with computers rather than value.

Thank you! Nov 10, 0 16 North Carolina.

1. Blue Cat Audio Analysis Pack

The Clio system works with Mac http: Purite Audio banned Jan 3, May 28, 0 0 www. Dirac of course will also 'correct' your room should you want to hear their idea of how your room should sound. Keith what USB microphone do you recommend? Ron I hope you don't mind if I tag along with your search as I am looking for the same.

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This sounds like a great package but have no experience with it. Keith what do you know about the Dirac system. It is good ,simple to use, you can choose just how much of the frequency response to correct, bass is always worst. admin