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Message hello this is a very old post by i rediscover this game in my drawer ;- i try to use this script to launch my "The Settlers III" which is not the "Gold edition" but it fails.

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EXE and of course an autorun: Information This update has been approved by the team. Try this update. Platinum - Date: The best is to make a configurator, like http: Or get installation path from installer, or change install path by command line? That taskset thing also didn't work for me with the old version of the script, although manually starting the game with taskset -c 0 wine does work using the same wineprefix etc.

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I'm not sure if this works, but I'll test it. Also, wine 1. I need the install path to another game - to copy one file into game catalog. I create a script to S. In game catalog works correctly. Maybe I do something wrong. To answer your question, assume that the user installed the program in the default directory. I know this is not a GOG script, but it basically is the same. If you don't like mixing that I would take this script and modify it to work for the GOG installer, if odziom91 doesn't mind.

Indeed, you could make another script for the gog version. You have many examples of GoG scripts available. I don't see any problem, to "copy" this script and modify to GOG version. But I don't have this version, so I can't help you Kumo. That would be beyond great! I don't have any of the settlers games, so somebody else will have to write one I got the GOG Version installed by first using the script here, then editing the failed installation and reinstalling plus adding the gdiplus library.

But I can not minimize the game to go back to desktop. Does anyone have a clue how to fix that? Oh and the Ubuntu menu bar is visible all the time, cutting of a small part of the game screen. Any fix for that as well? Hi pyq! Unfortunatelly I don't have a GOG version of this game This script should work fine with standalone version.

Tutorial: Siedler 4 auf OS X (Yosemite) + Widescreen-Fix

Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team. Use it at your own risk. Message This is awesome! Thank you for your opinion! EXE file S3 Configuration to change options after install a game. About x resolution - I tested this with my S3 copy, but it doesn't work. It's a xrandr command problem, sooo it should work on another computers, but with no warranty. For me x works correctly with wine 1.

Here the answers: At least not in the foreseeable future. Making the hotkeys is definitely a good idea. Yes, we should do that. Other races will come some day. But at the moment we focus on the many missing features first. My question however; With the current progress and the fact that this project started in makes me wonder when you think the full game will be finished? Sometimes I or the other main contributers had a good flow and we got a lot done in a short time. So it really depends on the free time of the contributors… and there number.

Ich hoffe das hilft: S3 auf Android? This is planned to be part of the next major release. What is with auto recruiting? Do you just want to be able to disable it? That will be possible sometime in the future…. Blue Byte tut ja selbst nichts… vielen Dank dass Ihr das macht!! Since Im playing your settlers 3 clone Im here several times to check if there is an update maybe.

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Im sure there is a lot of work. Just like to notice there is one more person who is checking the progress. Habe es auf meinem Odys Iron ausprobiert mit einer 3map.

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Es schwankt von fps ist aber spielbar. Was noch schwierigkeiten bereitet ist das Interface. I was watching the trailer for android and the person playing is clearly using a Samsung smartphone and I noticed it has the full UI like the PC version. At the moment the UI is definitely lacking even with the 0. At this point the game is pretty much unplayable because of the lack of features. I understand there is lack of devs but it would be cool if all the features shown in the video could be implemented soon.

Regarding the user interface shown in the trailer: The trailer shows the state from back then. In the meantime we wanted to create a better UI for the mobile platform, as it was very hard to play with the original UI om a small screen. Hey there guys! I realy wanted to thank you for the effort in making this possible! I just installes Settlers 3 again but couldnt play it at all… The sound when you right click your Units to move is realy annoying.

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I hope you gonna change it or mute it. Please add choosable colours! This is so annoying to always play as the red ones… And please god damn it make it possible to choose the NPC Factions! Also make it possible to choose colour for the NPCs. Just want to know, I wont charge you for that guys! Missions are also not our priority at the moment important features first.

But when we are able to handle missions, one could think about a kind of missions editor so the community could create new missions. Therefore it will most likely not be possible to add this tribe because we would need the graphics in the Settlers III style and format. Hallo kann man hier irgendwo abonnieren?

Hello guys, I am really hopeful about what you are doing.

Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection

To be honest I hope you will not go to far with this game. What I mean this game is great as it is and I hope you wont let your imagination to add to many things that might destroy the game. Personally I got 3 issues with this game. First the AI is pretty damn bad. It would be cool to have difficulty levels of AIs where the hard one are a challange. Second is multiplayer which actually isnt working. Third is building on hills where very often you have plenty of space but you cant build because ground is sheer and building on previously destroyed buildings where left materials always colides.

Last request remember that this game has the best animations in video games history please got it in minds.

I am totally supporting what you are doing! We now also have a real Settlers III veterans working with us on the game and more of them testing it from time to time. However, we will certainly have to alter some balancing values. To answer your suggestions: The first development version is already quite good and will be improved even more.

But we will consider your idea. I love this game, I still play with wife! Will we play the original campaigns? If we have the original game in our possession of course. We currently have no converter to parse the maps of the original game to our map format. But we plan to publish our MapEditor and so the community will be able to create its own maps or rebuild old ones. However, the game has currently no AI. At the moment you can only play in multiplayer with your friends over the internet or in your LAN. Also an AI is not in sight, because we want to focus on getting the game playable.

I am very very interested in your project. I am a retired programmer with a fair amount of free time. I made my money on facebook games I worked for Zynga for 5 years and pretty much do what I want now.

Every week I fixed the bugs and made smaller improvements, that a small group of testers found. At the moment it makes no sense to increase the circle of testers, as I still have to do some more of these iterations the game mechanics are really complex and though the fixes for most bugs are very small code changes, the search takes hours. However the current version already uses my new network client and server implementation and it seems to work really well!

The adaption to high and varying ping work good and the protocol ensures that the players cannot get out of sync. Cant wait to try the alpha: After chrissly87 stopped working on his Siedler 3 Remake http: Im already very impressed about the bigger map size and the test with 10 k units, that are wonderful improvements. Beside those ones, there is still one very important thing which would be awesome to improve too. Im talking about the AI. Another fan already stated this in the comments. I would still play the old Siedler 3 today on Windows 7, but the only reason Im not is, that my brother and I loved to play in coop against the CPU.

If there was a crack or hack where you could let the computer cheat, we would both still playing. But as there is no such thing out there, we can just hope that you keep evolving your project and integrate more difficulties Like: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extrem, Impossible from which you can choose from when selecting AI enemies in a multiplayer game. I wish you the best and please keep on going! Cheers, SourceSeeker. Excellent work. A linux version would be great. admin