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It's either that, or they change the shop ID for it and later on return it to its old ID when the time is come for the shop to be accessible to everyone. Yeah, the shop thing is really unavoidable. They handle the blacklist of shops from the servers themselves. As for the simultaneously accepting of the same item, it force disconnects you because you try to send the same packet twice in a rapid succession and the server renders that as a packet spamming attempt.

There will be a new class in AQW with the server rewrite, a fusion between beastmaster and monster hunter, but you will find that info on an old tweet by Alina december The same goes with the AQW for mobile, an old tweet and some design notes, information hard to find for some casual players. My second question is what do you think about some old artists? Such like Vokun, wich seems he is off forever. Sorry for my bad english. I really don't see why they're mainly using other platforms to cover upcoming things behind the scenes. That's what the Design Notes is intended for.

It's even in the name "Design Notes". I guess they're just getting lazier in writing Design Notes for information like these. They just want to quickly put it out there for people to see. The old artists are great. Some make really great art. They have a lot of volunteer artists, but what confuses me the most out of AE is why the new weekly gear is always really bad Then there's the occasional bad looking helmet that's the only non-member item. I guess it's just pretty well known right now that they're just taking in as many artists as they can since AQW is their current cash cow.

This is tough, but I'd have to go with Ash. He evolved from just a newbie knight into a Destiny Warrior. That's a pretty big character development.

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Warlic would follow. A mage with immeasurable power that just sits back and watch the world unfold before his eyes without himself interfering too much. Nowadays I mainly use what's best for certain tasks, but back then my favorite class would have to be from crash site. Invincibility from Event Horizon was the time of my life back then. Favorite faction would have to be Vampire and Lycan. I've been doing mobile app development and it might be the motivation I need.

On the other hand, the constant declining quality of AQW's releases just might make me move onto better things. Believe it or not, the cheating community has actually been declining for AQW and the rest of AE's games. Less people playing, less reason for people to make cheats for their games. DragonFable, and MechQuest to name a few are already dead in terms of their cheating community. Many people don't see the need to stay and play AQW when there are so much better games out there that provide quality content than what AQW is ever putting out.

AE better hope that their time investment into all this behind the scenes development will bring them back up. We just have to wait and see if AE can pull themselves out of their own mess. Minecraft is made in Java and there are mods only for certain versions of the game. If there is a new version of Minecraft, all the mod developers would have to manually update their mods to be compatible with the latest version. All of AE's other games are made in Adobe Flash. The way you make cheats for flash games is that you can just "hook" onto a flash game and control its functions and variables much like a puppet master.

The puppet on your strings can change, but your strings stay on and stay the same. Kinda like botting, but doing it without a bot. I guess so, but there aren't really any dedicated cheaters for DF left that makes new cheats. I've tried to revive it by making the Unloadable Classes loader, Skills Enabler, and etc. How perfect can a bot get when it comes to combat? Like say with SSoT what combos to use or when to cast heal or damage reduction in certain classes? I'm learning java and so far the only way i know to get this accomplished is a really long series of loops and everything would be class specific.

Do you think bots help the player that wants to use them? Does the game lose purpose when people start botting or do they feel more satisfied with having the item? Has AE ever contacted you or someone you know and have they threatened you?

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Is it possible for them to take legal action? How complex is aqw code? How long do you think it will take for someone to figure out how to make bots for the server rewrite? If I were to take into account the starting projects I had made to get a hang of the basic functions such as loading the game and learning some of the game functions and such, it would be months that would nearly add up into a year. Hundreds of trial and error is what produced Cetera and Revenant. There's no limit.

That's the beauty of it, really. Right now, it's possible to make the absolute perfect combat bot that could use SSoT to its full potential. There's a perfect formula of loops and functions that exist that is yet to be discovered for programming the perfect combat bot. All you gotta do is go through trial and error to discover it like I'm still trying to discover it. Just gotta ignite your creativity into solving a puzzle like this. The room glitch is something unintended in the servers themselves. All we can do is really just theorize of what could be happening on the server's end since we can't see the server's code ourselves.

Sadly, it's how it is since it's handled where we are unable to see it. The only thing bots can do for the player is do the tedious tasks for them. It does make the player lose purpose in playing the game at all. After all, it's the journey that matters and not the end result.

So what if you got VHL? So what if you got NSoD? What then? AFK in Yulgar? There can't really be an exact estimate as there are a lot of Dark Mystic clones out there. However, if I were to not take those clones into account it would be No, I've never been threatened or contacted by anyone. All those other cheaters that said they have is because they were the ones that approached them first. AE doesn't care if it doesn't affect their daily lives. They will only care if it starts to become a major problem in the company or the game's community.

Yes, it's possible for legal action, but taking legal action requires money and time and they already lack both of those. They're better off using time and money to ensure their company doesn't get buried into the ground than go after a guy behind a computer screen. While I was trying to rewrite how drops were handled in the bot, I accidentally glitched out an AC resource item stack and had it stuck at 0x in my inventory. I was unable to pickup anymore of the resource either. I resolved it by just deleting it from my inventory.

I'm so used to reading AE's code that I sort of inherited their habits. For instance, I noticed that most of their variable names started off with underscores and it just grew on me. For example, a game like Minecraft has code that is really easy to understand, and I would rank AQW's code easier than Minecraft's.

I can't really say anything about working for AE or coding better than some of the AE staff. After all, I've only merely read their code and nothing else. Those that work at AE have way more experience than me in programming, and I don't even come close at all. It wouldn't take long at all. Pretty much, once the finalized server rewrite comes out, all the bot developers will be working to convert to the server rewrite. Right now, the current rewrite on the testing servers are just too unstable and random to make a dedicated bot for it. I didn't even realize that there was a first banwave because I wasn't even affected at all since I didn't actually bot at the time iirc.

Earlier, AE seemed to have changed the URL for playing the game and have subtracted some servers off the list. I am a botter like you and have noticed that my bots I use Carbon or Le bot weren't working. What are your thoughts on this? This should be fixed soon and everything will go back to normal. It's nice to see someone like youcef rogue keep a community strong and active.

It doesn't matter if the community is a cheating community, or not. Any active community helps keep AQW breathing and alive. Seems like a great guy, but I haven't met him.

Unfortunately, no. The cheating community is at a steady decline.

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The cheating community thrives not only on the playerbase but on those who actually even makes the cheats. I don't blame people for leaving though. The releases and updates have been horribly bad. No sign of the server rework, and a bit more failed promises here and there. I just hope AE fulfills their promises. Yeah, skill animations are client sided so this sounds very do-able. I just have to figure out where they're handled and disable them through code.

I haven't tried this out though. I had been disabling equipment with an adblocker. Until today, this also allowed me to completely skip ballyhoo ads and just click the button to obtain rewards. I wonder if there is still a way to do this now. Pasawords, usernames. Yes, they can. Though, the only way they'd be able to store it would be sending a php request to their own web server and that could be easily detected by the forum moderators.

Bots and botting aren't encouraged here, but instead they are allowed to be discussed since they are a current crisis in AQW. Yeah, if it's downloaded from the right source. Though be careful where you download it, there are some sketchy sites and youtube videos that have the program infected. Like an outfit mod that only I could see, is it possible? Thank you: Yeah, I have a similar feature on Cetera, Revenant, and even Orion. It's called Cosmetic SWFs. Though, I only allowed it to load within AQWorld's files to make it easier for people to use.

Do you mean I can only load aqw files? No local files? Man, I want to make my own art and I wanna see them in-game. No, it's entirely possible with outside files. I just set it to aqw's files to make it easier for users. Hi, I would want to ask these following questions: What do you gain, In making these trainers? Do you keep our IP's? What assurance do we have, that your Files do not contain harmful content towards the users?


Thank you for the response. It would be well appreciated. The only thing I gain in making these is helping me improve my own programming skills. I find motivation in making these trainers, and so I make trainers to improve my skills. It isn't easy, but it requires a lot of time management. I already have other workloads clogging up my hours so I try to make the most of it by working on it little by little when I'm out or when I have the spare time at night.

The only assurance I have is the forum moderators giving it the O-K that the file is safe since they have tools themselves to check files, and simply just trust. One more thing, If say " Artix Entertainment decides to put legal action towards the development of trainers. Would you expose the accounts that are using your program if the law states it?

I only said it was possible. I don't do this and I never plan on doing it in the future. Besides, the forum moderators, like I said, have special tools to even detect something like this. People who use it won't get into any trouble. You can rest at ease. Even if I did something like "collect usernames" I wouldn't expose it, but rather just keep it for myself in enjoyment to see who actually is a botter and who isn't a botter in the AQW community. Thanks sir. I have a question sir, the past two i've been using bots but i stopped for 1 day.

How do i resolve this problem sir?


Yeah it's most likely your internet or AE's servers. It's really common for AE's servers to throttle during the night and especially at midnight. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. AQW comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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    Some things you might be interested in asking me: How certain functions work in AQW e. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Questions Why did you stop making bots or updated the bot in that matter? Compared to Grimoire, what do you think it lacks that your bot doesn't lack? Does it have a database for that matter? What bot dev would you like work with the most on? No need for a reasoning Between your bot and carbon or Le bot, which one is "Over-praised"? And your question since I know all the other 3 except this one.

    What you know of other well known cheaters? If anyone's wondering why people use bots. No need for a reasoning Without hesitation, I would go with Datapaw. Roniel Limbaga April 22, at 2: Jib Plays April 26, at 3: Tomrock December 20, at 7: Adnan Hoque December 20, at Adnan Hoque December 28, at 3: Charle Salilig December 29, at 5: PennyWise February 22, at 1: PennyWise February 22, at 8: Richard Saade March 1, at 2: Chris May 29, at 8: Ozan Inal March 13, at Mostly Sane December 15, at 9: Oliver March 14, at Aluami Bonsunah March 15, at 5: Jonald Penpillo March 16, at 9: Dan Karl March 17, at Cat Gaming March 28, at 2: Cat Gaming March 28, at 5: Emmanuel John Gallo March 29, at 6: Paul Mark April 4, at Luke Gabriel April 7, at 6: Unknown September 28, at 1: Zemtax 12 July 19, at 8: Willy Linardy April 30, at 7: Lloyd Semblante May 21, at 5: Rafi Rafa May 21, at 6: Harsh Chaturvedi May 27, at 8: Adnan Hoque May 28, at 2: Mohammad Quais August 16, at 9: Adnan Hoque June 3, at 6: Adonis Kasrati June 3, at 9: Adnan Hoque June 3, at Muhammad Muklis June 5, at 9: Adipati Karna June 7, at Unknown September 13, at Adrian Josh Pantia June 12, at 7: Bruh September 13, at Dofu games June 15, at Ethan Nesbitt June 15, at 1: Brian Adriano June 19, at 8: Adnan Hoque June 20, at 5: Cedrick Oliva July 8, at 5: Pink AQW July 8, at 1: Clive Tabamo July 11, at 3: Raden Acompanado July 26, at 2: Red Power ranger August 3, at Elijah Dominic Bacareza August 15, at 8: Adnan Hoque August 15, at 9: Sentinel King October 23, at 8: Rene Yee August 19, at 3: Terquin Paul Zapanta August 30, at Grim Stone August 30, at 2: Abo7aTM z October 7, at Unknown October 20, at Adnan Hoque October 20, at 1: Frenk December 29, at 8: Unknown October 21, at 6: Margarito Avila November 4, at 6: Oneil Avila October 27, at War Star November 1, at 8: Adnan Hoque November 7, at Unknown November 7, at 7: Adnan Hoque November 8, at Su Fa November 9, at 5: Unknown November 9, at 3: Elin Satya November 13, at 4: Adnan Hoque November 13, at 6: CLM November 14, at 3: CLM November 14, at 5: Adnan Hoque November 14, at Ahmed Elbaz December 29, at Modern Mage November 16, at 4: Dark Apostle November 18, at Laura Armstrong November 21, at 1: Adnan Hoque November 22, at 3: Chris Jimenez November 23, at 7: Chris Jimenez November 22, at 7: Adnan Hoque November 23, at Chris Jimenez November 24, at 2: Adnan Hoque November 26, at 1: Unknown December 4, at 7: Unknown December 5, at 9: Charlesbuddy AQW December 19, at 3: Unknown December 21, at 2: Adnan Hoque December 21, at 3: Muhammad Reynaldi December 21, at 6: Unknown December 21, at 6: Itz Me Ghost December 23, at 5: Adnan Hoque December 23, at 9: Shiya Priya December 23, at Legend RobloxGamer December 26, at 2: Gemu Meku December 28, at 2: Greck Loveria December 28, at 7: Unknown December 28, at 7: Adnan Hoque December 29, at Unknown December 29, at 1: Unknown December 29, at 2: Unknown December 29, at 6: Miko Rama December 29, at Seathieljay Estella December 29, at 5: admin