Mac sublime text 2 select multiple lines

This feature would also be very useful when we are working with multiple files. For example, say that we have several code blocks that are very similar and spread across different files in the project. To change these codes efficiently, you can:.

Sublime Text Editor Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet for Win, OSX, and Linux

Put the words, sentence, or line of codes that you want to change in the Find field. Pro Tip: Put the word or code replacement in the Replace input field, and hit the Replace button.

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A dialog will appear with a list of CSS selectors on the document, as you can see in the screenshot below. You can search and select the selectors that you intend to navigate to.

Shortcuts And Tips For Improving Your Productivity With Sublime Text — Smashing Magazine

I found this a more convenient way to search for code block than using the regular Find feature. I frequently write in code editor, and I also frequently made some mistake in the spelling.

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  • If you are like me, you can enable the spell checker in SublimeText in this way. We can also change the entire appearance of SublimeText, and one of my favorites is called Soda Theme , which can be installed through Package Control. If the theme that you intend to install is not available in the Package Control repository, you can do it manually.

    Multi-line tricks in Sublime Text

    Download and Unzip the Theme package. Put the theme folder in the Packages folder. Apart from changing the theme, you can also change the icon. There are a bunch of nicely designed SublimeText icons that you can pick up in Dribbble.

    What is it?

    Download one of the icons from Dribbble. Ensure that the icon also comes in.

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    Replace the Sublime Text 3. If you are working in multiple computers, you might want to keep and apply the same Settings for SublimeText across these computers. We can set this up with the help of Dropbox and a small tweak.

    Sublime Text 2 tutorial part 4: Multiple Cursors and Incremental Search

    Then run this command in Terminal in every other computer you want synchronized with the Settings that we have put in Dropbox. Whether clicking, double clicking to select a word or dragging to select text, you can hold down modifier keys to work with multiple selections:.

    Adding lines to a multiple selection

    You can use Ctrl and Alt with this too. Use it to select all occurrences of the current word or selection, then just start typing to replace or edit them all at once. Basics Sublime Text works with all the standard Windows shortcuts: In addition to the arrow keys, home, end, page up, etc, there is: Expand selection to line Expand selection to line is quite handy, it's worth giving it a try to get a feel for it.

    Multiple Selections Use multiple selections to edit in more that one place at once. Using the Mouse Whether clicking, double clicking to select a word or dragging to select text, you can hold down modifier keys to work with multiple selections: admin